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  • Project is worth up to £5 million

  • £200 - £400 per year Saving per household on Electricity Bills

  • Produce 61,300,000 kwhs over the Lifetime of the Systems.

  • Save 39,000 tons Carbon saving over 20 year period.

SALIIS Renewables is the leading Renewable Energy specialist within Northern Ireland, based locally in the Greater Belfast area. SALIIS is passionate and dedicated to improving the environment and ensuring sustainability, and is one, if not the only company that is proactively tackling the issue of fuel poverty here in Northern Ireland by offering both a FUNDED and PAID Solar PV Scheme. The Organisational Structure within SALIIS has been developed in order to allow both Residential and Commercial properties owners the benefit of both available Solar PV Options offer by the Company.

Over the passed 4 years SALIIS have tendered for and won large contracts which they have installed and successfully managed. One of the major projects SALIIS worked hard for and is proud to have won is the NIHE Funded Solar PV Project.

SALIIS has worked with the Northern Ireland Housing Executive (NIHE) to install Solar PV Systems on over 1,000 tenanted properties across Northern Ireland, in which the project is worth up to £5 million to the Northern Ireland economy. SALIIS has installed the 1000 properties over the last 6 months with the aver-age system size of 3.78kW. In total the scheme will generate approximately 3,065,000 kwhs per annum and 61,300,000 kwhs over the lifetime of the systems. These systems will reduce the NIHE carbon emissions by 1,950 tons per annum and 39,000 tons over 20 year contracted period, tackling fuel poverty within the NIHE Social Housing Scheme. The project will reflect a major commitment by NIHE and SALIIS both to Fuel Poverty Eradication and in reducing Carbon Emissions from NIHE properties.

This innovative pilot scheme for the NIHE is being in-stalled under a fully funded ‘Rent a Roof ‘model. The model has been developed so that SALIIS is responsible for the management of the overall project and carry out all installation and maintenance incurred throughout the 20 contractual period. The PV systems are then offered to the NIHE at no cost to them. Via this contract NIHE tenants will save approximately £200 per year on their electricity bills, generating tenant saving of approximately £200,000 per annum and in access of £4,000,000 over 20 years. In addition the NIHE will also receive an annual fee per installation which can be contributed to other environmental projects within their housing stock.

At SALIIS customer service is a top propriety and our staff treat tenants with the same respect they would expect from a company was working in their home; we pride ourselves in the standards of work we carry out in tenant homes. We have been working extremely closely with NIHE in regards to tenant’s consultation and have ensured open and honest lines of communication, and have employed well-trained, competent and experienced workforce.

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